Marlowe and Shakespeare

My research, particularly that centred on Shakespeare's autobiographical Sonnets, demonstrates that Marlowe was indeed the true author of Shakespeare and that he recorded that fact in his work.

The following pages present some of my research findings:

Marlowe as Shakespeare A brief overview of why Christopher Marlowe is the perfect candidate to have written 'Shakespeare'.
Kit Marlowe wrote Shakespeare's Sonnets? An essay entered for the Hoffman Prize 2008, which outlines the more detailed arguments presented in my book 'Shakespeare's Sonnets - Written by Kit Marlowe'.
Shakespeare's Sonnets - Written by Kit Marlowe An introduction to my book-length analysis of Marlowe's self-authentication in the Sonnets.
Shakespeare's Mason Mark As a Freemason, Shakespeare seems to have favoured the symbolism Euclid's 47th proposition, and hence the right-angled triangle, for his 'Mason's mark'.
The Eye in the Sonnets The 'eye in the triangle' symbolism found on the back of the dollar bill is also present in the formal structuring of Shakespeare's Sonnets.
Anthony and Cleopatra An essay which discovers symbolism characteristic of 'Royal Arch' Freemasonry deeply embedded in the text of Shakespeare's Egyptian play.
Tamburlaine. A paper examining Marlowe's use of the cabala and gematria in Tamburlaine. This was delivered to the 5th International Marlowe Conference, at Cambridge in June 2003.
Gematria in Shakespeare's Sonnets An analysis of 'gematria coincidences' in Shakespeare's Sonnets demonstrating the presence of gematria patterning in the Sonnets.



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